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O' Connell Bridge Cross Over

View The River Liffey Looking Onto O’ Connell Bridge

General Information Dublin City is the capital of Ireland, a vibrant city and becoming more modern and cosmopolitan every day.

O’Connell Street would probably be the main meeting place ,or is known for being a major street which runs through Dublin City.

It has lots of smaller streets branching off of it, also a lot of  Shops like Clery’s  Big Store, which was closed for awhile due to flooding. But its back open now which is great you also have Easons bookstore, Champion sports, Clarks shoes, The GPO or general post office headquarters etc.

O’Connell Street The Spire Monument Of Light

Its a great street  and also host to the Spire which celebrated its 10th birthday on the 21st of January 2003. It was positioned and erected between December 2002 and January 2003 in the middle of O’Connell Street and stands over 120 meters tall into the Dublin sky.


The Spire Monument Of light

The Spire Monument Of Light Dublin City

This Landmark was designed to be self cleaning due to the materials that were used to construct it, but so far it has cost roughly €3.6 million or thereabouts to maintain and clean it.

It has been officially branded the monument of light. People who reside in Ireland also call it the spike, or another name for it would be the stiletto in the ghetto.

How much or what was the price to buy this landmark? Its estimated to have cost the Irish government, €4 million that’s a lot of money for a stiletto! This landmark replaces Nelsons Pillar which was blown up in 1966.

Things To Do

There are a number of things to do and see in the city, ranging from fine Museums,  TheatersCinemasShopping Centers,   Café’s,  Restaurants and Pubs  are just some of the options available offered by this great city.

Crossing O’Connell bridge
Will take you over the river Liffey the main river in Dublin which divides the city from north to south, both sides of the river have their qualities in regards to museums, cinema, shopping centers, restaurants, café’s and pubs.

General Information O Connell Street

The Main Street O’ Connell Street Dublin City Ireland

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