Facts And Interesting Stuff About Dublin-Ireland Revealed

45 Facts of so you think you know Dublin, here is some interesting things about places in and around Dublin city, it includes facts and interesting information about statues, landmarks and famous Irish people.

1) Dublin’s O’Connell Bridge was originally made of rope and could only carry one man and a donkey at a time. It was replaced with a wooden structure in 1801. The current concrete bridge was built in 1863 and was first called “Carlisle Bridge”.

2) O’Connell Bridge is the only traffic bridge in Europe, which is wider than it is long and Dublin’s second O’Connell Bridge is across the pond in Stephen’s Green.

3) Dublin Corporation planted 43,765 deciduous trees in the Greater Dublin area in 1998.

4) Dublin’s Oldest Workhouse closed its doors for the last time in July 1969. Based in Smithfield, the premises housed 10,037 orphan children during the one hundred and seventy years it operated.

5) Dublin was originally called Dubh Linn meaning Black Pool. The pool to which the name referred is the oldest known natural treacle lake in Northern Europe and currently forms the centrepiece of the penguin enclosure in Dublin Zoo.

6) There are Over 1000 Prostitutes operating in the Dublin area on any given night. Most are women from outside Dublin.

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