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Food and drink in Ireland is as diverse as the countryside. Visitors can find everything from fast food to fine cuisine. However, prices in nearly all styles of restaurants tend to be high. It makes sense to try a variety of types of food.

Breakfast is included in many lodgings, which can make it easy to decide were to eat and drink in the morning. The first meal of the day frequently consists of a hearty Irish fry. Coffee shops offering muffins are a good alternative for light, quick breakfasts.

Lunch and dinner options are more varied. Diners will find a smorgasbord of international cuisine in the larger cities. Styles of restaurants range from casual bistros to fine restaurants. Diners bent will find French, Italian and German food. Lunch and dinner can offer opportunities to grab pizza or try fast food. Meals at casual restaurants cost less than €17. Moderate eateries may charge as much as €34.

More upscale options are found in larger cities like Dublin. Many of them afford diners the opportunity to indulge in an old world custom of enjoying a drink in the lounge before being escorted to their table. As diners sip, they review the menu. Food at these restaurants ranges from rustic Italian to authentic Irish. Diners should expect to pay €35 or more per person.

When it comes to were to eat and drink in Ireland, no one should pass up a pub. The food is great, including Irish stew, seafood, chowders and meat pies. Prices tend to be affordable. Pubs are also marvelous places to lift a pint of Guinness.

However, those who don’t drink shouldn’t be shy. A pub is more like a community meeting place than a tavern, with many patrons enjoying lime cordial and soda water or another soft drink. Food and drink in Ireland doesn’t get any more authentic than what can be found at the pub.

No matter which types of food you try, be aware that many of the finer restaurants in Dublin and other cities require reservations, and that sometimes these must be made up to a week in advance. If you’re having difficulty getting the restaurant you want, try asking for an earlier dinner at 6:30 or 7:00. To save money on dining in the larger cities, consider trying the fine restaurants for lunch, which can be far more affordable than dinner.

Food And Drink Overview

Ireland can offer some of the best restaurants, from cafes to bistros, steakhouses to pizzerias, up to the more sophisticated restaurants

Types Of Food In Ireland Eating Out

Irish Sunday Roast Chicken Dinner

With menus serving all types of cuisine, a meal in most restaurants would be roughly estimated at around ten to fifteen euro.
Some do special deals or an early bird menu to suit everybody’s taste so you should find something for everyone.


Ireland Public Houses Pubs

Fine Wine Resized

Fine Wines, Spirits and Beers

Ireland is known for its public houses or pubs and every town village and city will have more pubs than shops. Some of the counties have eight to ten pubs in the town and probably more.
They range from small little bars if you are looking for a quiet drink, or If it is live music that you are looking for then Ireland has plenty of it, in both large pubs and the smaller more intimate bars, you are sure to have a good evening.

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