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Dublin City O' Connel StreetDublin city:
Is the capital of Ireland, a vibrant city and becoming more modern and cosmopolitan every day. O’Connell Street the main meeting place and host to the spire, officially branded the monument of light, is situated in the middle of the main street.

There are a number of things to do and see in the city, ranging from fine museums, theaters, cinema, shopping centers, restaurants, café’s and pubs are just some of the options available offered by this great city.

Crossing O’Connell bridge:
Will take you over the river Liffey the main river in Dublin which divides the city from north to south, both sides of the river have their qualities in regards to museums, cinema, shopping centers, restaurants, café’s and pubs.

Dublin City O Connel Bridge Image

Dublin City O’ Connel Bridge

If you’re looking for a restaurant, maybe a pub, or even some entertainment try having a browse through the categories by clicking on the name for example: restaurant, pub and entertainment are links that will take you to your required option within this site.


Estimated Population:
Overall Population roughly for Ireland is 5.4 million. Dublin city has a population of just over 1.2 and the city is rapidly expanded

Spoken Language

English/Native Irish Language Gaelic


The Euro is currently the new currency in The Republic of Ireland. This new currency came into operation on the first of January 2002. Euro notes come in different color and sizes and there are a total of seven notes.Euro Notes Image

Euro coins consist of eight and they also come in different colors and size, each European coin has a commoneuro_coins_web face or landmark related to that country. Irish coins are recognizable by a picture of a harp and the words Eire imprinted on to them.



Quite Mild Fair Share Of Rain:
Climate for Ireland overall is quite mild. It does have its fair share of rain and can be unpredictable and can occur at any time of the year. Temperatures during the summer months can reach 17-26°C / and 60-67°F. During the winter months it can be quite cold.

Do I Need An Entry Visa For Ireland

Citizens of certain countries require an entry visa for Ireland. If you are a citizen of a country that is on this list you do NOT require an entry visa for Ireland. Citizens of countries which are not on the list must apply for a visa to enter Ireland before they travel here.

All citizens of non-EU countries, whether they require a visa or not, are subject to immigration control at the point of entry to Ireland.

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