Grafton Street – Ireland Revealed

Stephens Green Shopping

Stephens Green Shopping Centre

Grafton Street Shopping Center:
Grafton Street Is another well known street within the heart of Dublin city. This street has some of the best shops on the south side of the city with all the big names such as: Brown Thomas, River Island, for the best in clothing etc.

Big shopping centers like Stephens green seen here this has lots to offer for all shoppers alike. For more information you can visit the official website

Entertainment On Grafton Street

Mime Artists Singers Street Dancers:
There is nearly always some sort of entertainment happening during the day and its part of the street culture and times in Ireland. It doesn’t always have to be Irish music which we have a lot of in Temple Bar but that’s another unique street or area in this great city.

Entertainment grafton street

Street Dance Windmill Move

It can be anything from mime artists, singers to dancers, as we see here. These guys were great and had a great sense of humor and  were very skilled and entertaining for any crowd.

This is just one example of what you could possibly see on Grafton Street.





Molly Malone

Molly Malone Herself

Molly Malone:
Then depending on if your heading up to the Stephens Green shopping center, another great selection of shops for all needs in the one place. You could then visit the St Stephens Green park. Or if your coming down from that area you will have a chance to have some nice photos taken with Molly Malone herself.

Molly Malone would be a famous person in Dublin history, although it is not known if she really existed, but she has been commemorated by the government in Ireland. Her statute seen here to the left with her cart loaded with baskets of cockles and mussels alive alive Oh Is located at lower Grafton street. The band The Dubliners had a song about her called Molly Malone, it is classed as the unofficial anthem of Dublin City.

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