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The weather in Ireland is definitely unpredictable and unfortunately it can be difficult to plan an outing, as it can rain at anytime, and we certainly do get a lot of rain but it is very changeable.

We are probably one of the few countries that get 4 seasons in 1 day, as of the time of writing this article about the weather 01/02/2014.

The west of Ireland is really getting the worst of the weather with 120 kilometer winds and high tides. Counties along the west of Ireland would be listed as: County Clare, which is a well known location for surfing, but no matter how much of a dare devil you may be, this weather would be to much for even seasoned surfers.

Also on the west of Ireland, County Galway Salthhill, Barna and Clifden may have been amongst the worst hit. County Kerry at Ballybunion has also been damaged badly by high tides and storm surges.

Storms With Heavy Rains According To Met Eireann

Stormy with widespread heavy rains and according to met eireann isolated thunderstorms, Gale force southwest to west winds with severe or damaging squalls.

Coastal areas will be on high alert due to high spring tides other areas in Ireland are on flood alert all coastal areas have precautions in place sandbag barricades etc.
As the weather continues to be stormy consistent rain and strong winds the downpour that we are currently enduring its a cold sleet rain at the moment. Temperatures are as low as 5 to 8 degrees which is cold, but isn’t Baltic just yet thank god, the snow and ice has stayed away so far so good.

West of Ireland Weather Damage Galway Salthill Image Courtesy of Paul O’Brien @paulgaillimh and Deric Ó h’Artagáin☀☔ @deric_hartigan

Cork City on the union quays were left without power. The River Lee burst its banks due to heavy rains and high tides.

Morrison’s Island Union & Wandesford Quays Image Courtesy of Paul O’Brien @paulgaillimh and Deric Ó h’Artagáin☀☔ @deric_hartigan

Weather Ireland Rain

How The Weather Effects Ireland

Galway Salthill

West Of Ireland Weather Damage Galway Salthill

Morrison's Island, Union & Wandesford Quays

Morrison’s Island, Union & Wandesford Quays

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