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Places to visit in Leitrim include scenic lakes and quaint villages. It’s one of Ireland’s least populous counties, but with its lakes, rivers and gorgeous scenery, it ought to be at the top of every tourist’s itinerary.

Anyone interested in a brief history about Leitrim will discover that it used to be much more crowded. When linen weaving became largely mechanized in the 1830s, a huge exodus began that only grew during the famine. Centuries earlier a brief history about Leitrim reveals it was the land of the O’Rourke clan. The family ruled until around 1620 when the English came in and confiscated land for their own use. Things have changed greatly, but history provides many of the best things to do in Leitrim.

One of the most famous places to visit in Leitrim is the Costello Chapel in Carrick. The church is Europe’s second smallest and is ornately designed. One of the other fascinating things to do in Leitrim is to explore the homestead of Sian MacDiarmada. Other visitors will marvel at the megalithic grave of Prince Connall or take an inspiring tour of Parkes Castle, once the stronghold of the O’Rourke’s.

Leitrim is also the perfect spot for fishing, golfing and walking. The lakes and waterways are filled with bream, pike and more. The fishing is so grand that several competitions are held here. Golfing is similarly popular on courses like Carrick-on-Shannon and Ballinamore.

Leitrim boasts a varied assortment of walking trails. From one end to the other, enthusiasts will find walking trails to suit every level of ability. In fact, walking is so popular here that the county hosts the North Leitrim Glens Annual Hill Walking Festivals. Other events and festivals include the Kiltyclogher Drama Festival and the Ballinamore Angling Festival.

Whether visitors come for the special events or to enjoy the scenery, they’ll find wonderful restaurants and pubs that are designed to delight. Restaurants range from casual bistros to upscale establishments. Pubs are found in every community, offering an authentic experience and a splash of local color.

Leitrim is similarly well equipped when it comes to lodgings. Visitors will find everything from grand hotels to cozy bed and breakfast inns. The bed and breakfast inns offer personalized experiences while the hotels are larger and feature numerous amenities. Guesthouses are a blend of the two. Whether visitors choose guesthouses or hotels, they’re in for a memorable stay.

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