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Ireland County Limerick anchored by the rather rough-and-tumble city of Limerick, this county makes for an exciting destination with many things to do. Some of the best places to visit in Limerick are in the city, which has a dangerous reputation.

Still, the government has made monumental efforts to clean it up, and the results are showing. Many events happen in the cities, and the countryside is the place to find fishing, golfing and other active pastimes.

A brief history about the County Limerick must begin with the Vikings who arrived in the ninth century. They founded Limerick City on the River Shannon, a particularly strategic site. Brian Boru drove the Vikings out two centuries later, calling the territory the Kingdom of Thormond. A brief history about the County Limerick highlights the sometimes brutal past of this well populated region.

Places to visit in Limerick include King John’s Castle in Limerick City’s Medieval Heritage District and the lovely village of Adare. Visitors also enjoy romantic Glin Castle and beautiful Lough Gur. These more bucolic places offer lots of things to do. Fishing in the River Shannon is well regarded, and local guides ensure a successful outing. Golfing at the Limerick Golf Club or the Castletroy Golf Club is outstanding. Playing a round is possible in any season.

Limerick is a lively place featuring many festivals. Various theater and music events keep folks with an interest in culture busy. There are also film festivals and other events designed specifically for kids.

County Limerick boasts a great variety of hotels. They range from five star luxury properties to modestly priced but comfy hotels. Most are clustered in Limerick City. However, some really lovely hotels are also found in the countryside. Guesthouses are similarly plentiful. Guests may choose from properties with modern furnishings or those featuring meticulously restored antiques. Although guesthouses are a popular choice, many people rely upon Limerick’s bed and breakfast accommodations. These smaller inns offer an intimate experience. A bed and breakfast property can be found in nearly any town or village.

Limerick is a wonderful place to discover favorite new restaurants and pubs. Local restaurants take full advantage of the fresh, local food produced on Limerick’s farms. Alternatively, many of the eateries take a more exotic approach, offering cuisine from Lebanon, Asia and other far off places. In the pubs, visitors can experience traditional Irish fare and enjoy a wealth of brews.

County Limerick Ireland

Ireland County Limerick King Johns Castle Over The River Shannon

Ireland County Limerick King Johns Castle Over The River Shannon

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