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Though it may be a tiny, undiscovered gem, there are plenty of things to do in Louth. County Louth is a favourite destination for walking trails, golfing and fishing, and it boasts some interesting festivals too. Guesthouses and hotels that feature authentic pubs round out some of the best places to visit in Louth.

Reviewing a brief history about Louth it becomes apparent that it was once a portion of the ancient Gaelic kingdom of Oriel. The region was ruled by the O’Carrolls before the arrival of the Normans. By 1185 Louth had been annexed to the English and it formed part of the Pale around Dublin. To learn more brief history about Louth, many visitors explore Carlingford, a gorgeous and ancient harbor town.

Things to do in Louth are varied and numerous. Some of the most popular places to visit in Louth include the County Museum at Dundalk and Knockabbey Castle and Gardens. Tourists with an interest in history won’t want to miss the archaeological diggings at Brú na Bóinne and the Anglo-Norman Castle Roche.

Louth is a spectacular destination for active travelers. The area abounds with walking trails that offer spectacular views. Moreover, Louth is known for the excellence of its fishing in the county’s lakes, rivers and along the seashore. Golfing is also a popular pastime, with several outstanding courses available to players of all abilities.

County Louth has no shortage of festivals and events. Fortunate visitors may be able to attend the Carlingford Vintage Bazaar or the Brigid of Faughart Festival. Other events celebrate local food and music. A festival that includes a hunt for leprechauns is particularly popular.

Visitors looking for a luxurious stay can’t go wrong with one of Louth’s hotels. Selections range from converted mansions to ultra-modern high rises. Guesthouses are also abundant, offering an opportunity to enjoy hotel style amenities in a more intimate setting. Many tourists will choose a bed and breakfast in Louth for personalized accommodations. Bed and breakfast choices in this County are always charming.

County Louth boasts several fine restaurants where patrons can enjoy internationally influenced cuisine. Other restaurants afford a more casual atmosphere where guests are free to relax and enjoy hearty fare. Louth features an impressive assortment of pubs. Many of these establishments have been serving customers for several decades and offer a warm greeting, excellent food and the chance for some enjoyable live musical performances.

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