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As a center of arts with plenty of beautiful scenery, there are many remarkable places to visit in Monaghan. Some things to do in Monaghan include visiting the excellent county museum, enjoying the walking trails or trying out fishing and golfing. Many tourists come here to enjoy various events or for a stay in one of several elegant guesthouses and hotels.

With a brief history about Monaghan, it becomes clear that this region has long been important. It was part of Oriel, an ancient Gaelic kingdom, and the McMahons were the ruling family. The English and Scots arrived relatively late, after the failure of the rebellion against Cromwell. Continuing with a brief history about Monaghan reveals that it was densely populated in 1841. When the Famine struck its population was devastated and continued to shrink as more of the population emigrated.

Things to do in Monaghan include viewing the megalithic Lisnadarragh Wedge Tomb and the Mannan Castle, a relic of the kingdom of Oriel. Mullan Village is another of the favorite places to visit in Monaghan. It’s a remarkably well preserved example of an early 19th century settlement.

The fishing in Monaghan is tremendous. Anglers go after salmon, trout, bream and more in the county’s lakes and streams. Other active travelers are drawn to the golfing opportunities. Several golf clubs, many of which have been featured in major international tournaments, are available for players. Monaghan’s numerous walking trails offer splendid opportunities to view the countryside and learn more about Irish heritage.

A number of festivals and events make Monaghan a particularly fun destination. The Taste of Monaghan Festival celebrates local cuisine in October and the Castleblayney Drama Festival brings a multitude of live theatrical performances each March. Other festivals feature music and film.

The plentiful restaurants of Monaghan afford a pleasing variety for every palate. A simple tea room is the right place to enjoy a delicious snack. Visitors will also have opportunities to enjoy restaurants serving hearty traditional fare or innovative new dishes. Pubs provide an authentic experience complete with live music and friendly staff. In fact, Monaghan pubs are the ideal way to spend a memorable evening.

With so much to explore, travelers will need a bed and breakfast or other accommodations. Guesthouses are found in cities and the countryside. The same is true for bed and breakfast inns. Hotels run the gamut from affordable to ultra luxurious.

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