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Ireland County Roscommon offers beautiful scenery, fun festivals and plenty of outdoor activities. People come here for the golfing and fishing, but others are drawn to the charming traditional pubs and opportunities to enjoy amenities at one-of-a-kind guesthouses.

This quiet corner of Ireland is filled with wonderful things to do and places to visit in Roscommon are genuinely unforgettable.

A brief history about Roscommon reveals that the county was established in 1565. Its name was derived from the largest town, which was named for an obscure fifth century saint called Coman. When the Normans invaded, Roscommon was left relatively unscathed. Looking deeper into a brief history about Roscommon shows that Cromwell largely left the county alone too. As a result, County Roscommon held on to its traditional ways for a much longer time than other counties. Unfortunately, Roscommon was particularly hard hit by the Famine and remains somewhat under populated today.

Nonetheless, there is no shortage of places to visit in Roscommon. One of the most charming is Lough Key, a forest and activity park where visitors can enjoy historic sites and plenty of trails. Golfing at Roscommon Golf Club and Kilronan Castle, which is also one of Roscommon’s finest hotels, is widely enjoyed. The fishing is fantastic in the River Shannon and in Roscommon’s many lakes.

Festivals and special events are also among the most popular things to do. People living in Roscommon seem to have festivals for everything imaginable. From poetry to lambs, fishing and horseracing, there’s always something going on here. One of the most well attended annual events is the Christmas Craft Fair. Held at the impressive King House, it’s a wonderful way to welcome the festive holiday season.

Roscommon has no shortage of wonderful restaurants and pubs. Restaurants range from cozy spots where the atmosphere is homey to upscale eateries serving fine cuisine. Warm and inviting pubs are found in every town and village, beckoning visitors to experience traditional Irish delights.

County Roscommon hotels and guesthouses offer memorable stays in unique surroundings. Most properties are found on old estates or ancient abbeys, making for a remarkable experience. Other people prefer the bed and breakfast approach. These properties are a bit more intimate. They generally accommodate only a few guests at a time. Bed and breakfast lodgings can be found in urban areas and scattered across the lush countryside. County Roscommon truly provides a wonderful experience for overnight guests.

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Dominican Friary Ruins Ireland County Roscommon Active

Dominican Friary Ruins Ireland County Roscommon

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