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Ireland County Sligo, named Yeats Country for its connection to the poet, is found in the Border Region. With a wealth of walking trails, fun events, traditional pubs and ancient sites, there is an abundance of things to do and places to visit in Sligo. Think of it as an escape from the touristy bustle elsewhere.

A brief history about County Sligo begins with its 1579 formation. It has a varied landscape from seashore to farm country. The MacDermots were the county’s leading family originally, only to be usurped by the de Burgos, who were Norman conquerors arriving in the 12th century. A more recent glimpse into a brief history about County Sligo reveals W.B. Yeats’ strong connection to the place. Many of the best places to visit in Sligo are tied to him.

One of the most popular things to do in Sligo is to visit the ancient cemeteries. Sites like Carrowmore, Knocknarea and Carrowkeel are fascinating. Walking trails take visitors to the cemeteries, offering an opportunity to get some exercise and enjoy spectacular views. The Yeats Memorial Building offers insights to the poet’s career while the Sligo County Museum provides an overview of the county itself.

Fishing and golfing are highly favored in the area. Anglers have a fantastic time since Sligo is next to the sea. The fishing is also grand in local rivers and Lough Arrow. Sligo is known for its collection of challenging golf courses. Golfing at the County Sligo Golf Club or the Strandhill Golf Club is particularly recommended.

The events calendar in Sligo is always packed, especially with music festivals. The Queen Maeve International Summer School is held here as is the Strandhill Guitar Festival. Visitors interested in festivals will find events celebrating comedy, the holidays and the work of Yeats.

Look for upscale hotels in Sligo Town that have great amenities like spas and fine dining experiences. Hotels at nearly every price point are available. Sligo’s guesthouses promise unique accommodations. Most of these guesthouses are found in gracious mansions. Still, one can’t overlook the bed and breakfast options. These cozy, home away from home bed and breakfast rooms might offer the most memorable stay.

Those looking for pubs and restaurants won’t be wanting for variety. Everything from upscale restaurants to casual dining is found in the cities. Smaller towns may have fewer choices, but there are always local pubs offering a warm welcome.

County Sligo Ireland

Ireland County Sligo Veiw Onto The Town From Garavogue River Resized

Ireland County Sligo Veiw Onto The Town From Garavogue River

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