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Ireland County Tipperary has rolling plains and numerous mountain ranges make for a diverse and picturesque landscape. Well removed from much of the touristy bustle, this county is an excellent place to discover a quiet, relaxing Ireland. Still, there are plenty of things to do and places to visit in Tipperary.

A brief history about County Tipperary reveals that it was formed back in 1210. Dominant families included the McCarthys and O’Briens, who warred for generations before the McCarthys were driven to Cork. Cashel served as an operational base for the Munster kings, and other powerful figures seem to have been drawn to the area as well. Many people come here to discover more than a brief history about County Tipperary. In fact, many of the things to do are famous historic sites like the Rock of Cashel and Cahir Castle.

Many of the best places to visit in Tipperary are wild and natural. Fishing in the River Suir is a perennial favourite. It’s considered one of the best streams in Europe for catching salmon. The River Nore is also known for the quality of its fishing. Golfing is similarly highly favoured in Tipperary. Visitors can combine a fantastic stay at Dundrum House Hotel with the utterly amazing course located onsite. Other links in the area also provide spectacular golfing opportunities.

Tipperary is home to grand hotels like the Dundrum and the Cashel Palace Hotel. Other hotels are a bit easier on the budget, but still provide a memorable experience. Guesthouses in Tipperary are typically found in the countryside. Some particularly charming guesthouses are situated in the midst of a working farm and have a decidedly bucolic air.

Bed and breakfast inns are enormously sought after in Tipperary. Many of the bed and breakfast lodgings in the area are housed in grand old homes. Others are more modern, but no less cozy and inviting.

Ireland is known for the warmth and graciousness of its pubs and restaurants, and County Tipperary is no exception. Restaurants provide opportunities to sample traditional Irish fare, but visitors should also look for eateries where international dishes are on the menu. In various Tipperary towns, restaurants serve everything from continental cuisine to delicious tapas.

Pubs are plentiful and easy to find. Most serve decent, nourishing food. However, most people go for the local colour. There’s no requirement to lift a pint, but some of the local brews are fantastic.

County Tipperary Ireland

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Ireland County Tipperary Rock Of Cashel

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