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Ray Neish

Ray Neish Design/Owner

I would like to take a minute or two just to introduce myself, my name is Ray Neish and I live in Dublin Ireland roughly about four miles out from Dublin City.

I’m the owner and designer of Ireland Revealed that’s me there on the right in the image.

The History Of Ireland Revealed

Its main purpose is to provide Information and to be a Tourism Guide for the people of Ireland and for the people who may be visiting Ireland, let me explain to you about the history and design first of all.

Under Construction Ireland Revealed

Ireland Revealed Registered Domain 24/07/2004

Its been online since Date: 27-aug-2004,  Now let me be honest with you here.

I started to design the website roughly around January 2005. And it was all coded by my self using HTML hyper text mark-up language and CSS cascading style sheet language.

I also tried dream weaver but that program put a lot of unnecessary code into the structure and made, things more complicated, than good, so I scrapped that, and continued on with just notepad  for another couple of months trying to work out things.

Work In Progress Ireland Revealed

Work In Progress Some Links And Layout

Back at that time it was difficult enough to learn the above coding, and I was working on Ireland Revealed on and off alone.

So this was very difficult for one person to do, there were many technical and coding problems that I encountered.

And it got to a point that I just had to stop working on the design because of technical issues etc. So the website was dormant for a year, then I would try again, but would leave it again for another year or two, this went on for some time.

Ireland Revealed Looking Okay

Ireland Revealed Layout Looking Okay 02/05/2008

I always managed to get stuck and would hit a brick wall again, and again.

Main problems was trying to work out the code to properly align images, or to set the navigation menu on the side, or the logo wouldn’t show up properly.

There was numerous issues with browsers, the website was not cross browser compatible the problems just kept getting harder to over come. Although I did manage to get the website to look half decent but it still was not what I wanted.

Until last year 2013 October I was browsing through the internet and discovered a program called word-press, I knew about this program maybe three or four years ago but at that time, I didn’t give it much thought.

Ireland Revealed Now

Current Layout And Design Now And Will Improve Into The Future

But decided to take another look and that was last year 2013 October, so I installed it and configured it and started to work on Ireland Revealed once again, and I’m so glad I did, okay there is still a lot of work to be done.

In relation to adding new content, images, topics such as places to visit, things to do, entertainment, accommodation all related to Ireland etc.

But I’m back working on it and it will be updated regularly.

What Is Ireland Revealed Who Is It For

Ireland Revealed is an online tourism and information guide for people who may be planning a visit to Ireland or people who already reside in Ireland.

Its aim will be to provide people with information about Ireland such as places to visit, there are lot of beautiful places to visit in Ireland just to name a few, Wicklow known as the garden of Ireland.

Avoca the meeting of the waters, Glenda loch and powers court waterfalls, these locations have lovely waterfalls and valleys the scenery and landscapes are beautiful.

Things to do, at the moment we are starting with Dublin, there are lots of things to do and see in Dublin, Trinity College, The Guinness Storehouse, Dublin Castle, Christ Church, The Wax Museum, The Spire on O’Connell street, the list goes on and on.

We have some of the locations listed on our website at the moment, and we will add more as time goes on, like I said its a lot of work but I’m happy to let everyone know that Ireland Revealed is back a live and will continue to grow and expand.

Food And Drink Were To Eat And Drink Public Houses

Restaurants and were to eat and drink, at the moment we are covering Dublin city which is the capital of Ireland, we will cover all types of cuisine, as they become available they will be listed under our Food and Drink section.

Accommodation Hotels Guesthouses Bed And Breakfast etc

We will also provide information on Hotels, types of hotels five star four star etc, Guesthouses will also be included and Bed and Breakfast.

We Can Offer Business’s in Ireland A Free Standard Listing

If you would like the opportunity to advertise with Ireland Revealed FREE then we can offer your business a free standard listings in the following sections:

Restaurant standard listings, Hotels standard listingsGuesthouses standard listings, Bed and Breakfast standard listings  and Pub standard listings.

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