Life After The Smoking Ban In IrelandIreland Revealed

How has the smoking ban in Ireland effected its people after 10 years now compared to when it was first introduced back in March 2004 when it was implemented by the Irish government.

A decade in time has gone by, which can feel like a long time in years, but also can seem like less. There is a saying that goes like this: Sure it only seems like yesterday! But unfortunately it isn’t. Time and the years go by very quickly indeed.

But back to the present time, March of this year 2014, it will be 10 years since the smoking ban was enforced in Ireland. So is Ireland better off in terms of health, less smoking related illnesses?  Yes, a good percentage of people have benefited health wise, but we don’t have exact figures or accurate percentages. I can do some research on it if we really want to analyze a correct percentage, but we will get back to that.

So I’d assume a lot of people have quit smoking because of the law or ban enforcement which is great, other wise if it wasn’t active in Ireland smokers percentage of illnesses and cancer related smoking diseases would be on the rise

You may see some advertisements on television saying that one out of two people could or will die with smoking related illnesses. Not sure how true that is but smoking is not good, they are so addictive and don’t do anything for you in regards to health, and this is coming from a smoker, I cant speak for everyone but from my own perspective, the smoking ban is a good thing for the country.

It was a big blow to the entertainment and food businesses in the country when it was first implemented. I’m sure there was definitely a lot of angry people at the time, and as time passed on, some businesses did loose custom and in some cases they closed down.

A big percentage of Irish Culture does evolve around going down to the pub meeting up with friends, haven a couple of pints a good chat and a smoke. Then it seemed like people would tend to stay at home maybe for the following reasons:

Financially it would be cheaper to stay at home, another factor would be the weather in Ireland. Standing outside in the elements to smoke is off putting and not very pleasant if your standing out in the lashings of rain and wind. Why do that when you can be in the comfort of your own home and smoke when and where you want to.

Although since the smoking ban, public houses or commonly known as pubs do provide smoking areas with cover from the weather and heaters are usually provided.

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