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Moore Street market Dublin City is located just off Henry Street and is a well known market in the heart of the City. If you were to ask most people
in Dublin or in its neighboring suburbs about Moore Street Market, they would be sure to tell you that it is a great market and is an iconic part of Henry Street.

Dublin’s Oldest Food Market For Fruit, Vegetables, Fish And Meat

It is Dublin’s oldest food market and has been around for decades. Moore Street Market was first established roughly in or around  the 18th century.

The stalls here mainly sell fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meat and fish. You will also find fresh flowers for sale with a wonderful array of colours.

The stalls are usually family run and have been carrying on in that tradition for generations.

The vendors are known for their witty and friendly reputations, when we say wit or witty we mean that the vendors or traders might say something funny to you that will make you laugh.

Although you may not understand their wit, because they all have strong Dublin accents, but none the less they only mean to be friendly and witty as they go about their daily business and routines within the market.

Vegetables, Cabbages, Parsnips, Etc.

So many types of vegetables and probably to many to name or list, but here is what to expect in this range. Cabbages a nice head of cabbage and some bacon with spuds and you have the dinner for the evening, and what a dinner it is, a well know Irish traditional dinner.

But lets get back to the vegetables, you will see cauliflowers, broccoli, sprouts, turnips potatoes parsnips, carrots.

Vegetables Cabbages Carrots

You name it and it should be available at the market.

Other Types Of Stalls For Olives, Spices, Rice And Herbs

People from abroad now also have stalls on Moore Street and sell a variety of foods.  There is a middle eastern indoor market which is great for fruit which you cannot get anywhere else and is also good for olives, spices, rice and big bundles of herbs.

If you are coming up Henry Street from the direction of O’Connell Street you can see the turn off for Moore Street Market which stretches up to Parnell Street. It is a great market for all your fruit, vegetable, meat and fish needs and it is all fresh and cheap.

Our Map Below Will Help You Locate Moore Street Market Dublin City

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Moore Street Market Dublin City

Moore Street Market Dublin City Stalls View

Fruit And Vegetables Types

So what types of fruit and vegetables can you purchase at the market?

Golden Delicious Red And Green

Golden Delicious Apples

Lets start with apples who doesn’t like apples? as the old saying goes an apple a day will keep the doctor away.
They are a nice big apple.

Other Types Of Fruit

Fruit And Vegetables Moore Street Market

Types of other fruit you will see bananas, oranges, strawberries, melons, grapes, the list goes on and on.

Other Fruit Types

But thankfully enough to the people that work at the market day to day all the produce above can be can be purchased at Moore Street Market.

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