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Phoenix Park Ireland and its history was first opened to the public by the Earl of Chesterfield in 1745. It is one of the largest enclosed city parks in Europe with an 11 km wall around the perimeter and 1,750 acres of land. To get an idea of the area, it is twice the size of Central Park in New York and five times the size of Hyde Park in London.

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Phoenix Park View Ireland

Phoenix Park Walk Way

Phoenix Park Walkway Ireland






The park is also home to Dublin Zoo which is one of the  oldest zoos in the world and its a great day out for all the family. If you’re not going to visit the zoo, you can have a nice walk in the park grounds, where there are small winding walk ways throughout the park. Or you can even go on a nice cycle as there are dedicated cycle tracks throughout the park.

Home Of The President

Aras an Uachtarain

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Home To The President Of Ireland Michael D. Higgins

Aras an Uachtarain, built in 1774, is located in the park and is home to the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins.

It was originally  the Viceregal Lodge and it was the official residence of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland until the Irish Free State was created in 1922. For more information visit the official website


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The Wellington Monument

The Wellington Monument
The Wellington Monument which stands at 62 metres (203 ft) tall is the largest obelisk in Europe.  It was built to commemorate the victories of Arthur Wellesley who was the 1st Duke of Wellington. around the monument are four bronze plaques which were cast from cannons retrieved at the Battle of Waterloo. Three of the plaques depict Wellingtons career while the fourth one situated at the base of the obelisk has an inscription that reads:

Asia and Europe, saved by thee, proclaim Invincible in war thy deathless name. Now round thy brow the civic oak we twine That every earthly glory may be thine.

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