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Places to visit in Ireland from the cities to the countryside, Ireland is packed with wonderful attractions. Visitors could spend all of their time in Dublin or divide their time between the city and the country. No matter which you do, you’re sure to have a spectacular time.

Dublin is in many ways a cultural center. It’s only fitting that it should be the home of Guinness Beer. Accordingly, you’ll want to spend some time at the Guinness Storehouse Brewery. It’s one of Ireland’s most popular attractions, and offers an overview of the brand’s history. Its very interesting to see how its made and at the end of the tour you can enjoy a pint of Guinness. For more information visit Guinness Storehouse Main Page The gift shop inside the Guinness Storehouse is the perfect place to pick up some souvenirs. Lunch at the Brewers Dining Hall is a must for devotees.

The Famous Trinity College

Another must see attraction in Dublin is Trinity College. Students of the college provide guided tours of the institution, and exhibitions are also available for view on Trinity College campus. Dublin Castle, which has been in operation since 1204, is now a conference center and more. The Dublin Castle complex boasts gardens, museums and government buildings. Stopping in here is an opportunity to understand Ireland’s past and future.

Trinity college famous for some of Ireland’s most influential people such as writer Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver’s Travels, Playwright Samuel Beckett who won a Nobel Prize for literature etc.

Dublin Zoo Visit One Of Europe’s Oldest Zoo’s

Located In The Phoenix Park Dublin Zoo is a great day out for all the family.The staff and animal attendants / caretakers do a great job to make the animals feel at home.

For more information such as opening times, types of animals, that can be seen etc, you can visitDublin Zoo Main Page

Dublin also features a wealth of museums and galleries like the Dublin Writers Museum and the National Gallery of Ireland. Famous landmarks around town include the Spire, the Molly Malone statue and the historic General Post Office building.

Templ Bar

Another glimpse of Dublin’s past is found at Temple bar. It sits alongside the River Liffey and features charming medieval streets. At Temple bar you’ll find plenty of cultural attractions, shopping and dining. And then at night the place transforms into a very lively area with live music and street performers etc.

The Hellfire Club Mont Pelier

The Hellfire Club

The Hellfire Club Mont Pelier

The Hellfire Club, as it is commonly known, is a famous tourist attraction that sits on top of Mont Pelier which is one of the closest of the group of mountains to Dublin city.

It was built as a hunting lodge in around 1725 by William Connolly. For more information visit The Hellfire Club main page

Beyond Dublin And Into Other Counties

Beyond Dublin, visitors will be able to explore a wealth of natural and cultural attractions. Glen da Lough in County Wicklow is an amazing valley with two picturesque lakes and wonderful opportunities for viewing wildlife. Within the region of Glen da Lough, visitors can also visit Wicklow Mountains National Park.

Newgrange County Meath Ancient Chamber

Tourists with a passion for history won’t want to miss Newgrange, an approximately 5,000 year old passage tomb and temple. Archaeologists believe Newgrange is older than Egypt’s pyramids and England’s Stonehenge.

This historical landmark was built over 5000 years ago (about 3,200 B.C.) It is older than Stonehenge in England and the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

Places To Visit Newgrange Boyne Valley

Places To Visit Newgrange Ancient Temple

It is situated in the Boyne Valley and was built by the farming community that resided there. For more information visitNewgrange main page

Outside of Cork, visitors make their way to Blarney Castle so that they can kiss the Blarney Stone. Legend says that kissing the Blarney Stone gives the kisser the gift of gab, and countless visitors have indulged in the ritual over the decades. Thousands of other legends can be explored around Ireland, as can cliffs, waterfalls and gorgeous mountains. Ireland offers countless treasures for visitors.

Sample The Local Brew

The Guinness Store House

Places To Visit The Guinness Storehouse

The Guinness storehouse located at St James’s Gate Dublin city here is were the famous brew / stout Guinness is made.

Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Main Entrance Page Link

Trinity College Main Entrance

Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo

Temple Bar

Temple Bar Street View Widget Resized

Temple Bar Dublin City Ireland

Temple Bar Main Page
Temple bar is very popular and there are lots of bars restaurants and cafes if you fancy something to eat or drink during the day.

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