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Beautiful Landscapes Scenery:
This section will provide information for places to visit of which there are many. There is a lot of beautiful and breath taking scenery and landscapes to visit throughout Ireland, with its mountain ranges, lakes and valleys,  for example Wicklow, which is called the “garden or Ireland”.

St Stephens Green  Fountain

St Stephens Green Fountain

St Stephens Green:
If your in around Dublin city centre then you could venture up to St Stephens green. Its a great park with some nice winding walk ways and lovely shrubs, trees and other nice flowers and fauna,  along with the wildlife  that shares the park. Male and female mallard ducks, swans and other water foul can be found  afloat on the lovely ponds and little meandering streams.

Shrubs and rockery

Shrubs And Rockery

Benches, Band Stands, Playground etc:
Sit and relax on the park benches and admire the fountains in the middle of the park, or if you like history there are some busts and statues of famous writers and scholars spread throughout the green.




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