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Pubs in Ireland is an experience no visitor should miss. It’s indispensable even for those who never touch alcohol. In fact, it would practically be a tragedy for someone to miss out on the live music and friendly atmosphere that are found in most pubs throughout Ireland because they misunderstand what happens there.

The tradition of public houses in Ireland is an old one dating back centuries. Many of these pubs or “locals” have been in operation since an earlier century. For these establishments, little has changed. They are still the central meeting place for the Irish people, they provide live entertainment and they offer hearty fare. More than that, they offer a camaraderie that doesn’t really exist elsewhere, and oftentimes patrons never lift a pint of Guinness or a glass of Irish whiskey.

Local And Modern Bars / Pubs

The local is a bit like bars and taverns in other countries thanks to the serving of spirits and the friendly atmosphere. In larger cities like Dublin, tourists will find an interesting blend of modern pubs and those that hail from an earlier era. Pricing can range quite widely. For instance, you can expect drinks and food to cost quite a bit more in a stylish Temple bar meeting house than they would in a quieter countryside locale.

Aside from choosing from among modern pubs and meeting houses of the more traditional variety, patrons must also decide whether they want an experience that is livelier or quieter. Quite pubs can be found mostly in country places.

Warm and relaxing, quite pubs may provide a priceless opportunity to speak with locals to get the inside line on other great spots and attractions. They also offer a more traditional meeting house experience. You’re more likely to hear traditional live music here than in the city. In addition, pricing on food and beverages tends to be more affordable.

Of course, people who are interested in Ireland’s current music scene might love modern pubs. The vibe in these establishments is more like that found in bars in other countries. It’s noisier, more crowded and it may be a bit harder to strike up a conversation. Still, one of the main reasons to visit the local is for craic, meaning fun and good times, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone willing to pass the time.

When you’re in Ireland visit several pubs, local and modern, to have a wildly authentic experience.

Pubs And The Smoking Ban In Ireland

No Smoking

Smoking Ban In Ireland March 2004

In March of 2004 the smoking ban was introduced to Ireland, and smoking was banned in all workplaces, this had an effect on pubs. Pubs now have designated smoking areas with areas that at least offer some protection from the unpredictable weather at most times.

Opening hours during the week Monday to Thursday are from ten thirty in the morning am until eleven thirty pm at night. At the weekends last orders are generally called by bar staff at around midnight. On Sundays opening times are twelve thirty in the afternoon till eleven pm at night.

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Recently Added Pubs

Bruxelles Pub 7 Harry Street Dublin Ireland

Bruxelles Pub 7 Harry Street Dublin Ireland

Recently Added Pubs

Bruxelles is a cosmopolitan bar. Located just a step away from Grafton Street, Dublin’s busiest shopping thoroughfare. Bruxelles is the ideal venue for breakfast, lunch or dinner

Timmins Bar County Wicklow


Timmins Bar County Wicklow

Traditional Bar with Music Sessions Friday and Saturday Night. Musicians Always Welcome. Cards Thursday and Friday Night.

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