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Public houses, short-term also known as pubs in Ireland are the central meeting places for Irish people and social life.

If it’s the friendly atmosphere, craic meaning good times, live traditional Irish music, fine beers, ales and Guinness stout widely known and the local brew in Ireland, then you can have it all in the pubs throughout the country.

Outside of the big cities in the more rural places, there are pubs that are still traditional to the core and untouched, from the modern changes that is taking place and changing some cities.

Although some traditional Irish pubs can be found in Dublin city for example, temple bar is very popular.

Live traditional Irish music performers provide entertainment, and most pubs serve lunch and evening meals.

In March of 2004 the smoking ban was introduced to Ireland, and smoking was banned in all workplaces, this had an effect on pubs.

Pubs now have designated smoking areas with areas that at least offer some protection from the unpredictable weather at most times.

Opening hours during the week Monday to Thursday are from ten thirty in the morning am until eleven thirty pm at night.

At the weekends last orders are generally called by bar staff at around midnight. On Sundays opening times are twelve thirty in the afternoon till eleven pm at night.

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