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Restaurants In Ireland in decades past Ireland would not have been considered a destination for the gourmand. That is beginning to change rapidly, with types of food available ranging from Irish traditional food to Chinese takeout. The country also boasts a growing diversity of styles of restaurants. Diners can try posh, modern restaurants and smaller fast food outlets in the cities. The countryside offers its own share of upscale eateries with a nice selection of more casual spots with affordable pricing.

Finding Irish traditional food isn’t too difficult no matter where you roam. Contrary to popular belief, there is much more to Ireland’s cuisine than potatoes. Many restaurants that serve traditional types of food offer shepherd’s pie, which features minced beef and mashed potatoes, and Irish stew, which traditionally features lamb. Pork and seafood are also large parts of traditional fare. Accompaniments might include soda bread, boxty and colcannon.

Surprising though it may be, Ireland is also a fantastic place for sampling the cuisines of other nations. Chinese restaurants abound in larger cities like Dublin and Galway. Many of the restaurants that serve Chinese food are family affairs that have been in business for longer than a decade. Italian food is also on the menu in restaurants across Ireland.

From quick service, casual spots to upscale dining, the available Italian cuisine is quite diverse. The same can be said for the Mexican restaurants. Most diners rave about the Mexican food that is served in restaurants across the country. Many of these eateries are owned and managed by native Mexicans who know how to prepare delicious traditional dishes from the region.

Ireland isn’t just a place to sample authentic ethnic cuisines. Styles of restaurants in Ireland also include eateries that boast innovative menus. Many of these feature fabulously varied cuisines from modern Irish to French dishes. You’ll find innovative seafood and imaginative desserts on the table at these modern restaurants. Pricing can be quite steep, but the experience is one-of-a-kind. Get reservations well in advance to ensure an opportunity to experience emerging Irish cuisine.

Some restaurants feature menu items that are a bit easier on the pricing. Smaller fast food outlets in Ireland run the gamut from eateries that are successful clones of American diners of the 1950s to chains that specialize in kebabs. Fast food eating in Ireland is inexpensive and surprisingly diverse. Pizzas, fish and chips and sandwiches are widely available throughout the country.

Customers will be spoiled for choice when it comes to eating out in Ireland, with so many tasty options available. A good selection of the above mentioned cuisine restaurants, for example, would be located in Dublin city, the suburbs, or in and around Temple Bar, which is very popular with tourists.

Estimated Prices

An evening meal will normally cost ten to fifteen euros, but prices will vary depending on the restaurant. Most restaurants do special meal deals and are known as early bird menu or deals with prices usually starting at around sixteen euros for a two or three course meal. These deals or offers are great and normally last up until early in the evenings.

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