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Surfing In Ireland County Clare

Surfing In County Clare

Surfing in Ireland If its a surfing  break or challenge then Ireland’s beaches have a lot to offer. Our surfing season starts around Autumn and lasts til around May.

So you will of course need a wet suit to help protect you from the elements. Even with the Irish summer its not tropical weather, although our summers are nice this year was great.

But wet suits could be provided there are surfing schools at surf spots around the country for young and old. Great fun for all the family.

When you tire of the surfing activities there is the picturesque scenery to enjoy. There is a great selection of accommodation, places to eat and bars in and around the surfing areas, where you will get a friendly Irish welcome.

Good Surfing County’s Throughout Ireland

Starting with Bundoran in Co. Donegal, known as the surf capital of Ireland, it boasts some of the best surf spots in the country. From the world class reef break of The Peak to Tullan Strand.

Surfing In Ireland  Kite Surfing In Co Wexford

Kite Surfing In County Wexford

Mullaghmore Head in Co. Sligo has been listed by the Lonely Planet, a new book of top tens for adventurers, as one of the best surfing spots in the world. With waves as high as 15 metres, it is a surfers paradise. The highest wave ever recorded in Irish waters was 20 metres in Mullaghmore Head.

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