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Temple Bar Dublin located on the south side of the city can be accessed from the ha’penny bridge, or O’Connell bridge the main bridge that divides the north part of the city from the south.

Right in the heart of Dublin, there’s a place where the streets are paved with history and the nights are alive with music: Temple Bar. Forget what you’ve heard about it being just a tourist trap (yes, it still is a tourist trap but a cute one); this place is a deep dive into what Dublin really is—its past, its buzzing present, and its bright future. As someone who’s lived in Dublin and soaked up its stories, I’ve seen Temple Bar transform from a forgotten corner of the city into the go-to spot for anyone looking to experience the real Dublin vibe.

Back in the Day

Temple Bar’s got history. Named after Sir William Temple, a big shot at Trinity College back in the 1600s, this area’s been the city’s heartbeat for centuries. Imagine walking the same cobblestone streets that Vikings roamed and where merchants hustled in Dublin’s trading heyday. But as the 20th century rolled in, Temple Bar almost got wiped off the map for a bus station. Yeah, seriously.

The Comeback Kid

Fast forward to the 1980s and 90s, and Temple Bar dodged that bullet big time, thanks to locals and conservationists who weren’t about to let their history get bulldozed. The area got a new lease on life as Dublin’s cultural quarter, turning into a magnet for artists, musicians, and anyone with a creative spark.

Where It’s At

Today, Temple Bar is where you go to feel Dublin’s pulse. It’s a mash-up of old and new, where you can catch live traditional Irish music sessions that’ll give you goosebumps, or find yourself in a club where the beats are fresh and the vibe is electric. It’s not just about the nightlife, though. By day, the area is buzzing with street performers, indie shops, and markets like the Temple Bar Food Market—your go-to for killer local eats every Saturday.

And it’s not just a party spot. Temple Bar is packed with galleries, theaters, and cultural spaces like the Irish Film Institute and the Project Arts Centre. It’s the backdrop to some of the city’s coolest events, including the Temple Bar TradFest, a homage to all things trad music.

Keeping It Real

Sure, Temple Bar has its critics. Some say it’s too pricey, too crowded, too messy, too loud, etc., but that’s just part of its charm. The real challenge is keeping Temple Bar’s soul alive amidst the buzz. It’s about striking that balance between celebrating its history and being a hotspot for new experiences.

Why It Matters

Temple Bar is more than just a spot on the map; it’s the essence of Dublin packed into a few streets. It’s where history meets today head-on, wrapped up in a vibe that’s all about living in the moment. Whether you’re here for the history, the music, the food, or just to soak up the atmosphere, Temple Bar delivers. It’s the ultimate hangout spot, where every corner has a story, and every night is an adventure waiting to happen. So, if you’re looking to get the real Dublin experience, you know where to go.

Years ago Temple Bar was just a small back street, with some small shops spread out around the cobbled streets. Now it has been transformed into a well-known tourist attraction, with lots of bars and restaurants to choose from.

The small twisty and winding streets made up of cobbled roads, something that is slowly disappearing from the city, lead off to Dame Street and Anglesea Street. But in the heart of the Temple Bar Dublin is where it all happens, great atmosphere and the place is buzzing with people coming and going.

When You Are There

Temple bar Dublin is a lively area full of bars and restaurants, serving all types of cuisine ranging from Italian, Mexican, Thai, and Chinese. It also has fast food outlets such as pizza’s, traditional fish and chips, kebabs and many more cuisine to choose from.

Depending on what type of food or cuisine you prefer, you’re sure to find it here, if it’s something fast to eat then it’s available from the fast food outlets. Or if you would rather sit in comfort in a nice stylish restaurant with a nice bottle of wine and a variety of great cuisines on the menu then the options and choices are there for you.

The touristy stuff:

Take a picture of The Temple Bar pub. Everybody does it, there is no shame.

The Temple Bar pub in Dublin

Bars / Public Houses

Public houses, also known  as pubs for short, provide live Irish traditional music during the day and evenings. If it’s good craic, meaning good times and laughter then try out the following pubs, The Temple Bar pub, The Quays, and The Auld Dubliner which would be just some of many to consider.

Street Entertainment
There are Street Performers in the square which is near the Ha’penny Bridge entrance to Temple Bar. You could see anything from musicians, singers, dance acts and much more. It is a good start to an enjoyable time in these bustling streets.

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Temple Bar Cobble Stones

Cobble Stones Temple Bar

The Oliver St. John Gogartys

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