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The Hellfire as it is commonly known, is a famous tourist attraction that sits on top of Mont Pelier which is one of the closest of the group of mountains to Dublin city.

There are amazing views from the hellfire club, down onto Dublin city and the bay so it could be a good idea to bring a pair of binoculars, as the views would be further enhanced and enjoyed.

It was built as a hunting lodge in around 1725 by William Connolly. There is a forest on the slopes called Hell Fire Wood where Stika Spruce, Larch and Beech trees grow, its a lovely walk up along the trail and as mentioned above the flora and fauna are breath taking.

The Hellfire Lodge was constructed from stones taken from a Cairn, which marks the summit, but shortly after the building was completed, a storm blew the roof off. According to local superstition, this was the work of the Devil in punishment for interfering with the cairn. Mont Pelier Hill has been associated with paranormal events ever since.

The Hellfire Club Legends Folklore And Myths

Members of the Irish Hell Fire Club began using Mont Pelier lodge as a meeting place from 1735 to 1741. There are stories of practices of the occult and demonic manifestations according to local folklore. According to legend folklore and myth or is it a myth? Well the story is foretold as follows:

Meetings and entertainment would be held at this club, music, drink and food. Also gambling of all sorts would go on and this night a card game took place in the Hellfire club, and story goes that one of the card players dropped a card, it was the ace of spades and the owner of the card claimed to have seen a cloven hoof belonging to a mysterious player at the table who was supposedly said to be the devil himself.

Also another part to the story is that that two of the men that were playing cards ran from the club, with fright and fear! But were chased down the mountain and were turned into stone by the devil.


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The Hellfire Club

The Hellfire Club

The Hellfire Club Mont Pelier

Hellfire Forest Spruce Stika

Hellfire Club Welcome Sign

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