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Transport In Ireland Dublin Luas Light Rail Transport System

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Transport Ireland State Of The Art Light Rail Transit

The Dublin Luas system is a state of the art Light Rail Transit (LRT) system. LRT systems offer a unique set of benefits providing an attractive alternative to the use of private cars. A brief look at these benefits and related features will explain why they have become so popular world-wide.

High Capacity Services Penetrating Built-Up Areas

Rail Guidance Street Networks:
Rail guidance is essential where long vehicles are required to carry the same number of passengers as several standard buses and yet penetrate existing street networks.

Excellent Speed And Frequency Reliability

The high passenger carrying capacity of trams justifies the provision of dedicated tram paths and priority at junctions ensuring high quality reliability in terms of speed and frequency.

Convenient Stop Locations And Spacings

LRT technology allows the development of efficient systems with closely spaced stops. This allows stops to be located conveniently and within reasonable walking distance.


LRT systems are designed and operated to ensure that trams can mingle safely with city traffic, both pedestrian and vehicular. This is particularly important at junctions and other locations where other vehicles must use the tram path. At the same time other vehicles respect the fact that trams run on a fixed path.


LRT stops involve platforms about twice the height of a normal kerb which allow for level boarding of trams by persons in wheelchairs and other persons whose mobility is impaired. Platforms are typically ramped at each end to allow easy access to the platform for boarding.

Environmentally Friendly

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