Wildlife In Ireland Types Of Birds And Other Water Fowl DucksIreland Revealed

Wildlife In Ireland Types Of Birds And Other Water Fowl Ducks

Wildlife in Ireland, types of birds and other water fowl, ducks, mallards and geese, is what we will be talking about here. We will also  provide photographic images of the birds in their natural surroundings in this section for wildlife in Ireland.

We will be adding to this page in the near future, which will cover other types of wildlife, animals such as badgers, foxes, hedgehogs etc.

Although it wouldn’t be anything like the wildlife in some country’s for example, the Serengeti in Africa. You would possibly see herds of elephants, prides of lions and packs of African wild dogs, roaming the plains.

Unfortunately in Ireland you won’t see the likes of the animals that I have mentioned above, you can only see them in the Dublin Zoo.

But the Wildlife and animals that we do have in Ireland, can be very rewarding. The types of birds and animals that can be seen, in Ireland, are ideally suited to our climate. We have mild winters and moderate summers which provide an ideal habitat for our wildlife.

We were out for a stroll in one of the many public parks in Ireland last week. This particular park is called Tymon North in Tallaght. It was the first of March on a Saturday 01/03/2014 it was nice and dry and the sun was shining but still a cold nip in the air.

So we arrived at the park and started taking pictures as we strolled around. I took these wildlife photos myself for this website and we managed to get some interesting shots, although I’m not a photographer. It’s probably about being in the right place at the right time. I nearly always bring my camera with me to the places that we visit and I’m glad that I did.

In the past I attended a communications and media course at the Tech, also known as Colaiste Dhulaigh, which covers photography. This has been an advantage and a good skill in the creation of this website.


Bird Names Black Headed Gulls

Bird Names Black Headed Gulls In Flight

So lets get back to the main reason why I’m creating this page and why I will be sharing some images of wildlife in Ireland.

Starting with some pictures of black headed gulls.



Wildlife In Ireland A Grey Heron

Wildlife In Ireland Birds Name A Grey Heron Photographed In Tymon North Park

I think I got some nice images of our general wildlife in the park.

With our next image and type of bird we have a bird which named as the Heron which is in the same family as the Crane.

Although some people may think that these are Cranes, but they are not because believe it or not there aren’t any Cranes in Ireland.


These birds have a prehistoric look about them which is fascinating when seen in the wild. They can always be found around small ponds or rivers and may be interesting to observe but they can be a disastrous nightmare for people that have ponds in their gardens with fish. Herons will clear out and eat all the fish in ponds in particular Koi Carp, Goldfish and any other fish that might not be protected by netting.

Wildlife In Ireand Domestic Or Wild Geese

Wildlife In Ireland Domestic Or Wild Geese Which Dwell In the Park

Next of all we have the Geese which I thought were Swans from a distance, but getting up close they are indeed domestic geese.

but they seem to be doing well in the wild.

I was trying to get up close to them but they became hostile and charged at me because maybe they felt threatened.

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