Wildlife In IrelandIreland Revealed

Wildlife in Ireland has long been recognized for the beauty of its wild spaces. It’s similarly known for its fascinating wildlife. For thousands of years, Ireland has been isolated from the European mainland. This means that it doesn’t have the diversity of mammals that are often found in European countries. Nonetheless, wildlife viewing in Ireland is outstanding, partially because the animals are so accessible.

No multi-day treks into the wild are required for viewing the many types of animals in Ireland. A visit to a local park, loch or river brings the potential for spotting an array of animals.

While Ireland may not have an overabundance of mammal species, the creatures that it does boast are fascinating. Go to almost any wild space and you’re pretty nearly guaranteed to spot badgers, a native Irish animal.

Badgers live in practically every county, so they’re fairly easy to spot. Visitors are also likely to observe spiny little hedgehogs, which are also distributed throughout the nation. Other mammals are not as frequently seen. Among these are the red deer. The number of red deers in Ireland has declined steeply in recent decades. Spotting one in the wild is a special treat.

The types of birds found in Ireland are remarkably diverse. In fact, Ireland is something of a birder’s paradise with about 400 types of birds on view depending upon the season. Some, like the swallow, migrate here for breeding every summer. Others are more permanent inhabitants. Storm petrels thrive here, although their numbers are declining elsewhere in the world.

Similarly, the corncrake and the roseate tern seem to delight in Ireland’s climate. The golden eagle has been reintroduced to Ireland with wonderful success, giving visitors an opportunity to observe a skillful bird of prey in action.

Whether in lochs, streams or the ocean, Ireland’s waters are teeming with fish. Thousands of visitors flock here each year to fish trout or try their hand at catching salmon. Anglers report that the opportunities to fish trout are particularly excellent in rivers and lakes throughout the countryside. Other anglers swear by the outstanding salmon fishing. Some are on the hunt for pike while others take to the sea with hopes of landing a ballan wrasse, Pollock or even a shark.

With so many different types of animals in Ireland, it’s easy for visitors to have a wildlife encounter whether it is with deers, hedgehogs or brown trout.

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